Put Your Giving Shoes On

El Paso Giving Day is TODAY, and I am asking you to join us in our efforts to make this the most awesome day of giving El Paso has ever seen! Thank you for investing and believing in our mission, together we will make difference in our community.

El Paso Diabetes made history 50 years ago when it opened its doors as the FIRST source of diabetes support and education in the area in 1968!  At that time, Mrs. Estelle Goldman and Dr. Laurance Nickey recognized the need for information and support specifically for El Paso children being diagnosed with diabetes.  It can be very scary for a child and their parents when they are first diagnosed, but El Paso Diabetes Association offers the support to help make the adjustments necessary to regain health and live wonderful lives.

El Paso Diabetes Summer Camp for children with diabetes has been a wonderful source of camaraderie and carefree fun for these children and their parents.  The children get to be kids being kids, in teams with children just like them.  There are numerous support staff, including nurses, diabetes educators, doctors and volunteers who understand the special needs of diabetic children.

In 2018, the campers enjoyed visits to Top Golf, Adventure Zone and the El Paso Zoo.  They played games, had arts & crafts, and splashed in the pool.  The most impactful experience for many was the feeling of being understood and accepted by their peer campers and chaperones.

Please make history with us again as we embark on our next 50 years of service to El Paso’s children.  We have plans to increase our support of El Paso’s diabetic children with a fun “cooking” class and support group.  Many of our camp families ask for year round gatherings and support.  Please help us make this happen for them!


The El Paso Diabetes Association (EPDA) opened its doors in Mrs. Estelle Goldman’s garage in El Paso, Texas, in November 1968 as the South chapter of the American Diabetes Association, to offer a support group for families with children with type 1 diabetes. This was the only diabetes service available in El Paso at that time.

Four years later, the EPDA chose to expand programs and to disaffiliate, making it one of a handful of independent diabetes associations in the country. Programs grew to diabetes management, cooking sessions, support groups, and the Annual Blossoms and Blooms. In the 1990s, the EPDA opted to move towards a public health direction as the rates of type 2 diabetes escalated in our community and along the border region.

Today, the EPDA is an accredited, local and independent diabetes organization with many programs and services. The EPDA continues without any affiliations to state or national diabetes organizations, to ensure that the needs of our local community are understood and met.

In the last few years, unnecessary diabetes emergencies have consistently cost our community an excess of 100 million dollars. By increasing education and awareness, the EPDA’s hope is to reduce these financial costs as well as decrease the financial and emotional burdens of unmanaged diabetes for residents of El Paso.