Manage Diabetes

Diabetes Apps

See a list of the best apps to stay on track with diabetes management.

Disclaimer: Although these apps offer a free version, there may be in-store purchases to access more features.


Beat Diabetes

Beat Diabetes offers you the knowledge you need to manage your diabetes. You’ll have access to tips about nutrition and exercise, advice about blood sugar levels, descriptions of potential diabetes complications to watch for, and an overview of the latest treatment strategies at the tip of your fingers.

CATEGORY: Diabetes 101 Information

BlueStar Diabetes

BlueStar is an app that provides 24/7 real-time coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators. It’s available only by prescription and offers an impressive range of tools, guidance, and tips tailored to the individual. It is especially helpful if you’re having difficulty controlling your blood sugar or need ongoing support.

CATEGORY: Diabetes Management

To active the app, you will need an access code from an authorized healthcare provider.

Diabetes Connect

Diabetes Connect allows you to record all your diabetes-related data fast and easy with just a few clicks. Blood sugar, meals, insulin injections, medication, and more can be tracked and organized. During your next doctor visit, all your information can be pulled up in just a few seconds.

CATEGORY: Diabetes Management


Diabetes:M allows you to track various diabetes treatment including food and exercise, which can be accessed as detailed reports available for emailing. It has various tools to find trends in blood glucose levels and the ability to analyze values from imported data from glucometers and insulin pumps.

CATEGORY: Diabetes Management


Fooducate is a tracking app that assesses the quality of the foods you’re eating. Scan the barcode to count macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats) as it rates the quality of a food’s nutrition. It then provides explanations and alternatives so you can continue to make smart decisions for yourself.

CATEGORY: Nutrition & Diet Tracker

Glucose Buddy

Glucose Buddy allows you to input blood glucose, medication, meals, and tracks trends over time. It syncs to the Dexcom Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring system and the Apple Health app to track your steps and physical activity. The data can then be printed into reports to bring to medical visits. 

CATEGORY: Blood Sugar, Carb, A1C Manager

Medical ID

Medical ID allows creating medical profiles that are accessible from your lock screen. In the event of an emergency, medics can access vital information such as allergies, blood type, medical contacts, etc. You can also share your location with emergency contacts for up to 24 hours or until you stop sharing.

CATEGORY: General Health

Downloadable in the Health App pre-installed on iPhone.


MyFitnessPal is a food tracking app that contains a large food base to help you accurately log everything you eat. Equipped with a bar code scanner, you can input nearly any food from your pantry. The app also incorporates an exercise tracker that syncs with your food choices to help meet your goals. 

CATEGORY: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker


MySugr allows you to track medications, meals, and carb intake. It can sync with your glucose monitor and Apple Health app to send helpful reminders to follow-up with more data (such as blood sugars after a workout). All the data is easy to send to your doctor, so you can effectively work together.

CATEGORY: Diabetes Management

One Drop

One Drop allows you to track your blood glucose, medications, food (search the library, scan barcodes, or build and save your favorite meals), weight, blood pressure, and activity, and offers a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter that sends readings directly to the app.

CATEGORY: Diabetes Management


CalorieKing helps you to check calories, carbs and fat in a quick and easy way. By tapping on a specific food, you can quickly access more detailed information including protein, fiber, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, and alcohol.

CATEGORY: Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate Counter