What is the difference between Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia?

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“Spot” The Signs

Some signs and symptoms of Diabetes can go undetected by most, “Spot”ing them could simpler than you think!

Why You Should Stay Hydrated! | Araceli Quick Tips

Araceli Treviño, one of our registered dietitians, emphasizes the importance of water and why you should stay hydrated!

Glucometer Basics | Araceli Quick Tips

Araceli Treviño, one of our registered dietitians, explains everything you need to know about a diabetic’s best friend, the glucometer!


Chef Rulis, from Rulis International Kitchen, guides us through a couple of recipes that are healthy for the whole family to enjoy on a game day!

What does El Paso know about diabetes?

We went out to the Outlet Shoppes of El Paso to see what the public knows about diabetes

Diabetes and Your Feet

Learn how simple practice can keep you on your feet!

Healthy Snacking

Learn how to curb cravings with easy snacking tips.

Healthy Ingredient Swapping

Learn how to eat healthy with easy ingredient swaps.

Think Like a Chef

Learn how you can still enjoy your favorite foods.

Practicing Mindfulness

Learn how to de-stress and find your peace.

Depression 101

Learn how depression can be related to diabetes.

What is Type 2?

Learn the basics of Type 2 Diabetes.

What is Gestational diabetes?

Learn the basics of Gestational Diabetes.

What is Type 1?

Learn the basics of Type 1 Diabetes.

Experiencing burnout?

Watch Joey D talk about how he deals with his diabetes self-management burnout.

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