Diabetes Champion Nominations are here!

The Diabetes Champion Coin is an award presented monthly by the El Paso Center for Diabetes to an individual dedicated to mitigating diabetes in the region through diabetes prevention, awareness, and advocacy.


  1. Complete the Diabetes Champion Coin Nomination Form below
  2. After filling out the nomination form, the nomination form will be sent to the Program Coordinator at Info@epdiabetes.org before or by the indicated deadline.
  3. Within a week of receiving the nomination form(s), the Program Coordinator will inform the Champion Coin Committee and schedule a Zoom meeting for the Champion Coin Committee to review the application(s).
  4. The Diabetes Champion will then be recognized on El Paso Center for Diabetes social channels (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, etc.) with a story on what the Diabetes Champion Coin means to them, and in the El Paso Center for Diabetes quarterly newsletter.

Diabetes Champion Coin Nomination Form


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