El Paso Diabetes Association

The EPDA opened its doors in Mrs. Estelle Goldman’s garage in El Paso, Texas, in November 1968 as the South chapter of the American Diabetes Association. The only program at that time was a support group for families with type 1 children.

Four years later, the EPDA chose to expand programs and to disaffiliate, making it one of a handful of independent diabetes associations in the country. Programs grew to Diabetes Management, Cooking Sessions, Support Groups, and the Annual Blossoms and Blooms. In the 1990s, the EPDA opted to go into population health as the rates of type 2 diabetes escalated in our community and along the border.

Today, the EPDA is an accredited, local and independent diabetes organization with many programs and services. The EPDA continues without any affiliations to state or national diabetes organizations to ensure that the needs of our local community are understood and met.

In the last few years, unnecessary diabetes emergencies have consistently cost our community in excess of 100 million dollars. By increasing education and awareness, the EPDA’s hope is to reduce these financial costs as well decrease the financial and emotional burdens of unmanaged diabetes for El Paso residents.


The EPDA provides management, support, screening, and prevention services to all residents of El Paso regardless of sex, age, financial or citizenship status. We are here for the entire community. We make diabetes-related testing items and supplies available for those in need. We host camps for children every year. We have programs specific for children, young adults, pregnant mothers and seniors. Our focus is to improve the quality of life for those living with diabetes or are prone to diabetes in our community. We are here to serve the El Paso community. if you have a question, a need, a concern about diabetes, we are who you should contact. Major programs include: diabetes self-management, community outreach, blood glucose and lipid testing, weight management, cooking classes, support groups, provider training, and counseling.


To improve the quality of life of individuals with and at risk of developing diabetes and their families within the El Paso Region, through educational programming, awareness and advocacy, for the prevention, management and early detection of diabetes. The EPDA is a LOCAL and INDEPENDENT 501 (c) (3) nonprofit diabetes corporation serving the El Paso community since 1968. The EPDA is not affiliated with any state or national diabetes organizations. We collaborate with several agencies to provide comprehensive diabetes managemen and prevention services. Many of our programs are provided at no or low cost to participants. Since 2007, we have become a major site for diabetes research through a partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 2014, we becae accredited by the offices of CMS. Currently, we accept most healthcare insurances for diabetes management services. We are accredited by AADE (Association of American Diabetes Educators). We are a fully bilingual organization.

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